Benefits of Flossing on Oral Health

  • Gum Disease is Prevented-Floss helps to remove plaque that forms along the gum line or between the teeth where the brush cannot reach and hence you are reducing your chance of gum disease. As many as half of the adults are affected by periodontal disease and while many people are prone to it, anyone can be affected with this ailment. Research reveals that as compared to the people who don’t floss, people who do that have much less number of bacteria that are linked with periodontal disease in their mouth.
  • More Effective than Brushing Alone -The dental wellbeing is preserved by the union of brushing and flossing. Research reveals that about 30 percent of the surface of teeth remain uncleansed when you neglect it and just go for brushing. The toothbrush bristles can only reach to a certain extent. Unlike the toothbrush bristles, the floss can effectively do away with the bacteria and the food that can remain lodged in between the teeth and gum bases.
  • Reduces Bleeding – Those who regularly floss, they are less likely to bleed than those who don’t at the time of the procedure. Many people experiencing brushing as a painful activity are scared to floss. But if you go with it for just a couple of weeks, then you can remove the bacteria that cause the sensitive gums or those that have inflammation. You will experience less pain when you are back on track.
  • Prevents Bad Breath – Bacteria can be formed or can be present in the food debris that get trapped in between the gumline and the teeth. This gives rise to foul smelling breath. This smelly odour can be removed by daily flossing. It helps to keep at bay the unpleasant food particles from the teeth and provides fresh breath to your mouth.
  • Get a Million-dollar Smile and the Dental Work Will Last Longer – Flossing offers you a cleaner mouth and a healthier smile. Not only that, the restorations like fillings and crowns will also last long if they are thoroughly cleaned every day. Otherwise, your long-term investment will not last that long.